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Meghan Kinsey is founder, owner, and health coach at Motivate.® Barre•Cardio•Nutrition in Amesbury and Rowley, MA and globally on Zoom.  At 50+ years old her extensive background as a classroom teacher, sales rep, community organizer, city councilor, childbirth educator, barre instructor, health coach and studio owner has coalesced into her role of Joy Coach.

Meghan truly wakes up each day as joy-filled as possible. Her hair may be standing on end. Her breath may not be sweet. And her coffee may be part of the strategy to make her more joy-filled, but she really does aim to approach each day with significant optimism and aims to teach others about some of the health tools she employs to feel the same way.

When she is not parenting three sons who range from 16 to 21, or is not convincing her husband that the best choice he ever made was marrying her 23 years ago (wink-wink), she leads a team of fellow movement teachers with whom she could not be more proud. She loves each and every client that comes through her studio doors and Zoom screen. She is no where near perfect but loves trying new things to figure out if it makes her a better (more joyful, grateful, helpful, smarter) version of herself.  And she loves sharing it all even more!

Joy and Health go hand-in-hand and are such amazing gifts. To that end, it is her greatest joy to introduce people to the healthiest and most joyful versions of themself yet!  

Meghan is also a columnist and presents on various health-related topics. Her irreverent and cheeky delivery of health-related content keeps the audience amused while educating them on how to maximize their health and longevity.

Our mission

to maximize you

Motivate® strives to inspire you to be stronger and healthier through thoughtful movement, nutrition, and community to enhance the vibrancy and longevity of your life.


inspire you to be stronger and healthier

Motivate® is for the person who wants to live life to the fullest, with vibrancy and longevity. Motivate® was born out of a love of coaching and community.  A teacher by trade, I am absolutely fascinated with the enormous number of ways we can define health and wellness and the equally numerous ways we can learn and apply these skills and truth nuggets to our lives. So let’s do that together.

Motivate® is a community of curious and fabulous people disguised as barre, cardio, strength, yoga, and nutrition studio. We have a highly skilled and experienced staff of instructors and take our workouts, but not ourselves, seriously. We also leave room to learn about those many ways to health via workshops, seminars, book groups and service projects. We implement what works for us and then are empowered to live with more energy and in a more joyful state. The only thing required to partake with Motivate® is a desire to smile…because that will surely happen when you motivate with us.

~ Meghan

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Wonderful energy and accepting environment!

K. S., studio client

High energy and balanced with stretching! Left feeling phenomenal!

M. M., studio client

Very positive and motivating. Great with instruction and adjustments!

K. S., studio client

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