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If I really want to talk with someone about the studio and/or arrange to come in a peek first, what do I do?

Call or text Meghan!!  508.574.8095!! or contact us on the website.

What if I am a beginner?

All of our classes are designed with all fitness levels and needs for modifications in mind. We will make sure you are challenging yourself while you are exercising safely and getting stronger over time. And you won't be alone. Everyone comes to the studio and finds their personal level of workout!

Do I have to buy a membership or passes to each studio in order to use both?

Nope! We are one community and your membership or class pass is good for both studios! We want you to vary your workouts and using both studios will give you more opportunity to do so!

Do you ever cancel class?

It is a last resort. If we do it is because of one of three reasons:  1 - instructor/studio emergency, 2 - the class was under enrolled 90 minutes to 2 hours before class or by 830pm the night before for any class earlier than 8am, 3 - weather.

What is your cancellation policy including weather-related cancellations?

There is a 12-hour cancellation policy (24-hours for private classes, workshops, health coaching sessions). Please cancel before that to avoid penalty (your class will have been used or the equivalent is billed to you if you have an unlimited pass). The software is fully automated. Please cancel yourself from class when you know you can not attend even if within the 12 hours before class. Please don't text the studio as we are teaching or coaching and can not respond in a timely manner to affect change on the roster. Regarding weather, if there is a chance you won't make it to class because you live on side roads or have a steep driveway or hate driving in snow, etc. please (please, please, please) don't reserve class ahead of time. When you know you can make it in safely, reserve class then. Thank you!!

What if class is full?

First, reserving your spot is the best way to guarantee you get in. If class is full, feel free to add yourself to the waitlist. The waitlist is in operation up to ONE hour before class so that if someone cancels, your waitlist registration automatically takes their spot.  Once we are within ONE hour before class window, the waitlist is closed and no one will move off the waitlist and into class anymore. So if that happens and you were still hoping to attend, just peek at the class on your app/computer every so often. If someone late cancels, you will see an opening. Go ahead and register yourself!!  Payment must be made to reserve class or waitlist yourself.

How do I reserve classes or buy passes?

We use software called Walla. It is accessible from your computer or the app.  We are paperless and process all reservations and payments ahead of class via Walla.  You will be automatically sent to Walla to choose and purchase a pass for your reservation. All reservations must be completed ahead of coming to class. We don’t have a “desk person” and our instructor is busy connecting with clients before class.

How far ahead of class can I make a reservation?

Reservations open two weeks before class and close as class begins. Workshops open once they are posted.

Where do I park?

Amesbury Studio: We have parking immediately behind the building at 77Elm Street in Amesbury. We have an upper lot too.  You can access the parking from Clark Street or Fruit Place which are off Market Street from behind the building. Please GPS to 11 Fruit Place for ease of finding our parking lot.

Rowley Studio: Plenty of parking right in front of building.

What do I do once I get to the studio?

First, breathe.  We are all new at one time or another!!  We are a friendly bunch so you will acclimate in no time.  So, come on in and leave your shoes at the door.  You don’t need shoes for barre and yoga. If you are taking strength or cardio classes, bring clean indoor sneakers. For spin, indoor sneakers or spin shoes. Bring water.  We have everything else.  Once you come in, leave your stuff in the cubbies and then check in on the iPad/with Instructor as you move the larger studio space.  You will see the instructor moving around checking in with clients to be sure no one has an injuries or need of specific modifications. She will have a microphone on her head.  Say hello and she will take it from there!

What are the protocols regarding COVID?

We follow federal, state, and local laws. As they change so do we. Know that we spray can clean all the props and mats.  Amesbury Studio: Our studio is so large that you can naturally space 6 feet+ from another client.  It has a dozen enormous windows you are free to open.  We want you to do you and feel safe and comfortable.

Do I need a mat?

No, unless you have one you love..then bring it!

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