May 3, 2021

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow.

Most who know me know that I am high energy. But they don’t usually see all of the time I spend recovering, restoring, and resting.

The only reason I can come to the studio, to a gathering, to a meeting, to an event….with full energy and optimism is because I spend a LOT of time resetting as well.

My top ways of hitting control-alt-delete?

1 - Drinking more water and adding electrolytes. There is an absolute correlation to how much energy I have relative to my hydration levels.  I am exhausted when I am dehydrated and my electrolytes are out of balance. Hydrated and balanced? I am an energy spaz.

2 - Prayer + Meditation. This keeps my emotions, self-talk, and perspective in check.  Without a daily practice, I become pessimistic which lends to mental exhaustion. I add prayer and mediation to my morning ritual and it includes a practice in gratitude.  My morning ritual sets me up for the day. Organizes my brain for optimum output.

3 - Movement. When I get my blood flowing and endorphins pushing I am absolutely a happier person. Working out in community also gives me the benefit of a lot of conversation and laughter which just amps up the benefits.

4 - Rest. Above and beyond getting 6-8 hours of sleep, I like to take a siesta each day. This can be just 5 minutes if that is all I have. I just need a quiet place to sit. If I can grab a sunny spot, even better. I may close my eyes. I may just pop some ear phones in and listen to water flowing and some birdsongs. It makes all the difference.

5 - If my day allows, my list will include walking outside or catching a sunrise or grabbing time with family or friends.  All of these things serve my mental state as well. They keep my priorities in check.

I make no apologies for prioritizing myself. Without doing so, the important people in my life would be getting fraction of what I have to give.  And I want to give them my all.

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