December 8, 2021

Time + Money

Time + Money

Time + Money.

When coaching people one of our first conversations is about their goals…which generally have to do with health…we spend some time taking a look at where they currently put their resources to see if they align with their goals. The top two places we look is their budget/checkbook and their calendar. In other words, we look to see how they use these two precious resources.

If they say they want to be a healthier version of themself yet their time and money goes anywhere else but their health, we talk about the disconnect.

Do you know that only 5% of Americans get 150 minutes of exercise per week (or 21 minutes/day) although 70% of Americans know they should be doing something?

They say they want to exercise more but they never plan for it in their calendar.

Do you know that a nice dinner out for you and your special someone costs about the same as a month of unlimited studio and virtual classes at Motivate®?*

They say they want to exercise more but don’t want to put their resources in a place or program that could give them the chance to move every day.*

Consider your goals. Write them down. The new year is a perfect time to do so. And then look at the few action items you need to do each day to meet those goals. I just mentioned one here…exercise. There are many, many more. Now look at your checkbook and calendar. Do those action items show up in those two places? Are you putting your two most treasured resources…time and money…towards your goals?  If not, reconsider your goals or reconsider you how you use your resources.

*Financial resources can be much more finite for many and Motivate® recognizes that. We never turn someone away because of budgetary constraints. We’d love to talk with you to find a way to make it work. If there is a will, there is a way!! Never doubt that!


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