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Maybe it was barre that brought you to Motivate®. Maybe you were drawn in by core+cardio...or yoga. Whatever attracted you, we challenge you to try all our classes and instructors. This is especially true if you have created a great habit and are attending classes regularly…you may find yourself taking the same classes from the same instructors.

It may be time to step out of your comfort zone to try something new. Change never happens in your comfort zone. Stepping out will actually strengthen your body and your mind.

Different classes target your muscles groups and cardiovascular system in different ways. Each instructor is phenomenally talented and couples deep fitness knowledge with a unique style that will help you find new ways to challenge yourself to become both stronger and more flexible. This is not a franchise model: no two classes are ever the same. Change it up, your body will benefit!

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Studio classes

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This was my first class. The instructor welcomed me, reminded the newbies to go at their own pace, and checked in after. She even used my name throughout class. 

K. D., studio client

I love how the instructor connected with each attendee and made us all feel so welcome. Challenging but doable!

L. Y., studio client

A GREAT class and honest comic relief! What more can you ask for to start your day! Love when an instructor is so funny too!

S. B., studio client

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