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Our wish

love yourself

"Imagine what our world would be like if everyone loved themselves so much that they weren't threatened by other people's opinions or skin color or sexual preference or talents or education or possessions or religious beliefs or customs or their general tendency to just be whoever the hell they are. Imagine how different your reality would be (and the reality of everyone surrounding you) if you woke up every morning certain of your own lovability and your critically important role on this planet. And if you poo-pooed shame, guilt, self-doubt, and self-loathing and allowed yourself to be, do, and have everything your little heart desired. THAT'S the kind of world I want to live in."

~ Jen Sincero, You are a Badass

Our story

about motivate®
barre • cardio • nutrition

is fun.

Working out is challenging enough. If it isn’t enjoyable, you are far less likely to stay with it. Motivate® is constantly changing…the moves, the music, the momentum. It keeps you on your toes (quite literally sometimes)…in body, mind, and spirit. You’ll never get bored.

is challenging on muscles while kind to the joints.

The movements are safe and controlled. There is less pressure on your spine, joints, ligaments, and tendons in Motivate® classes. Using proper, instructor-led form, your core is engaged throughout class thereby improving posture. Motivate® builds bone density, strength, and cardiovascular health.

meets your body where it is.

If you are brand new or are a seasoned exercise enthusiast, you can successfully work out side-by-side at Motivate®. Educated and seasoned instructors can modify or challenge each client simultaneously. No experience or coordination is necessary. Motivate® is for EVERYONE!

increases flexibility.

Do a quick Google search on “flexibility and aging” and you will be astounded at just how important flexibility is to our aging bodies. Flexibility affects our performance, movement, ability to bounce back from injury…and is the most often ignored part of our exercise regimen. Motivate® incorporates stretches into every class.

increases lean muscle mass.

Building lean muscle mass increases your metabolic rate. We lose muscle mass as we age. That lowers our basal metabolic rate (BMR) which means we are less able to use the food we eat and we store more as fat. Our muscles have high energy requirements; they use more energy, even when we are at rest. The strength training in Motivate® Barre increases our lean muscle mass thereby increasing our ability for our muscles to work more efficiently… even when we are at rest.

creates a habit.

If your goal is to become stronger, leaner, more flexible, gain more endurance…or all of the above, you need to take action. Motivate® works out the ENTIRE body. There are no days spent on particular body parts; we get it all in. Make Motivate® a regular part of your life and you will see and feel the difference.

gives you fast results.

Noticeable changes occur in the first month: your posture changes, you start to see lines in your arms, you feel your work out in muscles you didn’t even know you had. Even more rapid results occur when you attend 3 to 5 classes per week.

keeps your spirits lifted.

The endorphins you get from your Motivate® classes will undoubtedly lift your mood…so will the improvements you will see. You will clearly notice a change in posture, tone, endurance, and flexibility. The sense of community and personal attention you’ll receive at Motivate® keeps you coming back too. We are a welcoming studio and we know you by name. Nothing MOTIVATES like feeling at home and seeing success.

Haven’t been to such a kick butt studio ever!! I love it :)”. ~ Sarah S.

Our story

age with vibrancy

Motivate® is for the person who wants to live life to the fullest, with vibrancy and longevity. Motivate® was born out of a love of coaching and community.  A teacher by trade, I am absolutely fascinated with the enormous number of ways we can define health and wellness and the equally numerous ways we can learn and apply these skills and truth nuggets to our lives. So let’s do that together.

Motivate® is a community of curious and fabulous people disguised as barre, cardio, strength, yoga, and nutrition studio. We have a highly skilled and experienced staff of instructors and take our workouts, but not ourselves, seriously. We also leave room to learn about those many ways to health via workshops, seminars, book groups and service projects. We implement what works for us and then are empowered to live with more energy and in a more joyful state. The only thing required to partake with Motivate® is a desire to smile…because that will surely happen when you motivate with us.

~ Meghan

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