vitality tribe: group health coaching
by motivate®

Begins SEPTEMBER 25th!

Our most comprehensive group health coaching format for a limited number of people who are truly committed to changing their health for the better and want the accountability to make it happen.

Why group coaching?

Group health coaching offers several benefits:

Support and Accountability: Being part of a group fosters a sense of support and motivation, making it easier to stay committed to health goals.

Shared Experiences: Participants can learn from each other's challenges, successes, and strategies, creating a collaborative and enriching environment.

Cost-Effective: Group coaching is generally more affordable than one-on-one coaching, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Diverse Perspectives: Participants bring different backgrounds and perspectives, leading to a more well-rounded learning experience.

Increased Engagement: Interacting with others in a group setting can lead to higher engagement levels and a more enjoyable learning process.

Social Connection: Group health coaching can help combat feelings of isolation and build a sense of community, which positively impacts overall well-being.

Time Efficiency: Sessions can cover common topics and concerns relevant to the whole group, optimizing time and resources.

Enhanced Motivation: Seeing others progress and achieve their goals can inspire and motivate participants to strive for better health outcomes.

Overall, group health coaching provides a supportive and empowering environment that encourages positive behavior change and long-term health improvements.

Each participant will get:

• Custom Health Journey Journal
• Discovery session to discuss health history and goal setting
• Ten group health coaching sessions
• Access to group coaching recordings if you are absent
• Group Facebook page for connection and support

"You have two options: either eat and live to be healthier or eat and live to be sick."   ~ jj virgin

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."    ~martin luther king jr.  

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one-on-one coaching

1-on-1 Motivate® Nutrition + health Coaching

Changing your nutrition and lifestyle habits is hard…but it is possible. More often than not, what is on our fork is a mere reflection of what is going on (or not going on) in our lives.

We spend some time getting a sense of what is working, what is serving you. And what is not. Then we get started with small, incremental changes. This is client-lead and paced.

Health coaches do not prescribe or suggest a one-size-fits-all plan or approach.

Good nutrition controls energy balance, gives us the nutrients we need to meet our needs, helps us look, feel and perform our best, is outcome-based, and is sustainable for you and the planet. Good nutrition is about removing limiting factors and is about enabling healthier, happier, and fuller lives.

Good lifestyle habits serve as a reflection of loving oneself and prioritizing the choices that make us the best version of ourself.

We consider the life holistically, and work to discover what makes you the most vibrant and joy-filled.

Click below to set up a free discovery call where we will discuss how you define health, what obstacles and challenges you face, and your vision and goals for your health.

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Success Stories

thank you for
trusting us.

Meghan, thank you for the beautiful gift of your nutrition sessions. I thought I would walk away with just a solid food plan. Instead I walked away with the knowledge of nutrient-dense foods, the power of meditation, and the comfort of listening to my own body.

B. H., coaching client

W.W.M.D. This is an acronym I often find myself reciting on a regular basis. "What Would Meghan Do?" Meghan is a true student of her field. She has so much to offer in terms of research and resources. I appreciate her ability to flex with my needs and goals. She is an excellent communicator. And her positivity and sense of humor kept me engaged an on task even on tough days.

B. S., coaching client

Over the last weeks and months, I have continued to make healthy choices and progress towards my goals. I feel incredible and no longer experience brain fog. It's only being out of this fog that I now realize how not normal it was and awful and achy my body had  felt all the time...over 50 lbs. down and more to go.

L. M., coaching client
Our Approach

We will create new habits, for a lifetime

Motivate® works with local clients as well as people across the country. We meet via Zoom to make it accessible no matter where you are.

For our local clients, Motivate® pairs sound Nutrition + Health Coaching with your movement practice to make sure what you are doing outside the studio is complementing what you are doing inside the studio. Motivate® Health + Nutrition Coaching also adds accountability to your program. Change takes time and patience but having a certified nutrition coach to whom you are accountable in your corner makes it attainable.

Motivate® Health + Nutrition Coaching is not about a fast drop in weight although there can be a time and place for that. Fast weight loss is only temporary. It is not a program of shakes and elixirs. This is about a long-lasting, health-transforming shift in your nutrition and lifestyle habits based on real life. We will work together towards small, incremental, continual progress. You will make tiny gains consistently to achieve goals that you thought were beyond your reach. We will create new habits …for a lifetime.

your coach

institute of integrative Nutrition healtH Coach.

Meghan has had generally good nutrition habits all along. She was raised by a woman who thought sugar was the devil. Seriously…Beelzebub. She could have brought cocaine home and her mother would have been less disappointed than if she had brought home a Three Musketeers Bar. What happens when there is something as taboo as that in the house…and you are precocious pre-teen? She might have taken advantage of any alone time by trying to freebase as many Chipwiches and Fun Dips as she could in a 45-minute walk back from her best friend’s house. And this was one of her first lessons in cause and effect relative to how you feed your body.

Meghan passed out no less the four times in one year driven by plummeting blood sugar levels that she surely had a hand in screwing up by binging on the aforementioned treasure trove of popular 80s confectioneries.

Meghan can still find the beauty and the curse of cause and effect in her lifestyle and eating habits today. When she is on her game she feels full of energy, optimistic, and tends to be more selfless. It is as if her body knows that its needs have been met to the fullest and she can look out to her family, friends, and the world to give of herself to others. And the opposite is true. When she is not treating her body (mind and soul included) well, she is tired, anxious, and is looking inwardly far too often. Being stuck in an anxious head is not a happy place to be.

Good nutrition…along with enough hydration, meditation, exercise, hugs, and sleep (among many other tiny habits)…keeps Meghan moving forward. She aims to bring that optimism that comes with good lifestyle and nutrition to her one-on-one and group coaching clients.


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