May 3, 2021

Barre: I Am Not Worthy

Barre:  I Am Not Worthy

Barre:  I Am Not Worthy

Oh, barre!!!  I have known you for about 15 years. You are still the most challenging form of exercise for me…and the one that gives me the highest ROI.

Sometimes my schedule makes it such that I attend less barre and more strength or cardio classes. And then it shifts again and I am back to more barre….and holy crap!  Barre…why oh why are you so phenomenally challenging and rewarding?  But isn’t that how it always how it goes?  The higher the “risk” the higher the reward?

The risk here is in that it is truly a full body experience to do barre….and again, it is so challenging!

You may think you are on the glute section…but just wait…we have you standing or kneeling and the heat in the weight-bearing leg and seat is intense (bonus) and gluteus medius is getting some much-needed love. And your upper body is positioned such that you are also getting some attention to your waistline. Your core is engaged to get your glute to do more of the work and your back to relax a bit.  And so on and so on.  

When you get done just that one exercise, you have checked so many boxes!  

And the mindfulness that you must bring to the mat to make sure you are really dialing in on each of these elements to the exercise means that you have brought so much more awareness to your body is space!  That carries you out of the studio and into your day! The engagement of your core to lift something heavy.  The way your shoulders roll down your back and collar bone goes long…all contributing to better posture.

Barre…you kicked my butt today.  I love that you remain challenging and always make me work hard. I love your use of music. I won’t stray again. You make me stronger!! Thank you!

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