December 28, 2021

Motivate® Is For All Levels of Fitness

Motivate® Is For All Levels of Fitness

One of the hardest things for me to hear is that someone is too nervous or too out of shape or too fearful to do something like exercise for their health.

We get asked about beginner classes a lot…and we do them once in a while…but a beginner class will limit you to that exact day and time it is held and we want to remove as many limiting factors as we can when we create our programs.

So rather, we make sure all of our classes are good for:

☑️ the person who is rehabbing from an injury.

☑️ the new mom just coming back after giving birth.

☑️ the person with the arthritis who needs to move to keep it from worsening.

☑️ the person who can do 50 straight burpees without stopping.

☑️ there person who has gotten a bit too comfortable on the couch.

☑️ the person who wants to go for every challenge the instructor gives out.

☑️ the person who was just told they are pre-diabetic.

☑️ the person who want options for an exercise.

☑️ the person who wants to feel comfortable and accepted in a fitness environment. 

☑️ the person who is ready to move the needle on their health and become the best version of his/herself.

In order to achieve that, we:

☑️ offer options for our exercises so that you can dial it up or dial it down. 

☑️ don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

☑️ we appreciate you being here which creates a welcoming environment.

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